SICOM CHEF™ connects kitchens to the information and insights they need to make operations more effective, efficient and profitable.

Purpose-built for BK’s unique demands, CHEF makes it easy to optimize production management practices without disrupting your pace of business. CHEF eliminates wasted materials by instructing kitchen staff on how much to cook and prepare, ensures food freshness by providing a comprehensive view of all PHUs, and empowers better performance through team alerts, electronic training materials and real-time kitchen intelligence. All of this is readily configurable via the intuitive CHEF portal.

The Value of CHEF

Significantly reduce waste.

Ensure food freshness.

Improve consistency and service.

Eliminate paper training materials.

Measure and improve performance.

Increase customer satisfaction.


CHEF integrates with Prince Castle Product Holding Units, enabling you to:

  • Achieve a comprehensive view of all PHUs.
  • Automate temperatures and hold times.
  • Deploy automatic firmware updates.
  • Access diagnostic reporting.
  • Deliver proactive vendor alerts.